Hop Research Council

The Hop Research Council is a non-profit organization that funds and directs hop research to benefit the U.S. hop industry. Members include domestic and international brewers, hop dealers, and hop grower organizations.

The Council was established in 1979 by a group of hop industry members that believed in the benefit of a united hop research effort. Today, the original goal remains true. Brewers, Dealers, and Growers work together to fund and direct hop research, ensuring a bright future for the U.S. hop industry.

HRC Mission Statement

  • Solicit and provide funds for scientific investigation and research related to the agricultural production and quality of hops in the United States; and to
  • Serve the needs of all segments of the hop industry by maintaining a membership which covers the entire industry and by supporting research that meets the needs of its members.
  • Facilitate communication between the council, brewers, growers and the scientific community.  

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